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A tree of Life

I’m going back to work on Monday. It will be good to go back to having an income 😉 More than that, I know the guy I’m going to work for having worked for him and with him in two … Continue reading

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East meets West

I had a thought while standing in church last Sunday. Some folks might think that’s radical. The thought I had was imagining God looking down at the entire congregation, and really seeing them (as He may do). I should mention … Continue reading

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Christianity and the Borg

You will be assimilated – A quote from any instance of the Borg Zombies are scary. They seem human (mostly) but cannot be reasoned with. Sometimes (depending on the mythology) they may be capable of logic (I Am Legend), even … Continue reading

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Light and Dark

I have been reading Anne Rices’ latest book “Of Love And Evil” and was struck by the descriptions of the main character’s experience of the presence of the divine. I had read many of her earlier books ( I think … Continue reading

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