Hello world!

This is my first blog so I will start with why this blog exists.

There are many reasons to blog but fundamentally it is the need to communicate the expression of ideas and emotions. This is the compulsion behind all art, and blogging is art. I think we understand that intuitively, which may explain the perception by some that the act of blogging is presumptuous at best and pathetically narcissistic at worst. After all why in the world should I think that I have anything worth saying that anyone else would care to hear? There are reasons, but first consider the art.

The artist is compelled to create. The need to express wells up inside until it finds some outlet. This experience is common to man (and woman but lets not go there now). It is the expression of the individual’s interpretation of the experience of life. An audience may be desirable but it is optional.  The artist creates to clarify that personal expression, to make the ephemeral concept a concrete statement. That work is cathartic and satisfies a need of the artist. So at some level whether or not I have anything worth saying or whether anyone cares to hear is irrelevant. I have a need to create and this medium provides that outlet.

Even so, I do believe I have something worth saying and that someone will care. The reason I believe this is the theme of this blog, which is my relationship with my Creator and God and my thoughts and experience of that relationship.

I was first introduced to Jesus Christ by my grandmother when I was in my early teens. That was almost half a century ago. I made a serious commitment to choose Christ as my personal savior in my very early twenties, and I have been His ever since. We have walked together for about 38 years now. In that time our relationship has waxed and waned, due mostly to the relative urgency of my need at any given moment (such is the hazard of loving a human). As a result I have tested the truth of his promises and the wisdom of his teaching for the significant portion of a human life.

Why should I think there is any value in sharing my experience or that anyone will care? It is simple, these experiences are not unique. Like the need to express they are common to man (I Corinthians 10:13).

So this blog exists to provide me with a means to convert my internal experience into concrete statements on a subject of common and possibly passionate interest not just to myself but to others as well.


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  1. harveyedser says:

    And hello to you from the world! Or at least a very small corner of it. Really interested to read your thoughts. 🙂

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