The number of the beast

Yup, 666 (cue spooky music)

Ok, cut the music. I need to make this quick.


Please do not mistake this twist of logic for anything other than what it is, a bit of foolishness.

“Let the one with understanding solve the meaning of the number of the beast”

Hmmm, as an engineer I am trained to ask, “where have I seen this pattern before?”

Well it is often found as the ratio of 2/3 or .666 (pointedly convenient truncation 🙂 )

Hmmm, how could 2/3 possibly be relevant to the number of the beast?

Well if I think of man in a classical sense of having three facets body, soul and spirit then two thirds of man might be represented by that number sequence. If body and spirit are represented by the flesh and the mind then the missing third is the soul, or the God essence (breath) in man.

The possibilities are endless (as is the number sequence 😉 )

The beast is not a man creature. There is no soul to redeem. ( All you right wing hysterics really want to see that birth certificate now 😉 )

The mark of the beast is the conversion from a complete redeemable man into the reductionist matter and spirit as taught by “the spirit of the age”.

Without an immortal soul man has no ultimate fear of God since the worst He can do is reduce to nothingness. No pain, no foul. We eliminate what C.S. Lewis referred to as the horror of a Christian universe.

We can justify this interpretation by claiming that because calculations done in ancient times used whole numbers, fractions were represented in powers of 10 to simplify the calculations (similar to the way integer math is sometimes done in programming to speed up calculations).

I may start a sect.

4 days late.

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