Quick little memory.

Before I went to school for engineering I spent a year in an unaccredited Bible College. They had this library full of old books (duh!). I picked up one of them and while I have to admit I did not finish the book it has stayed with me. I picked up The Humor of Christ, which having just looked up on Amazon I realize was not so old at the time (less than 10 years).

The arguments of the book itself I cannot comment on, what has stayed with me was the moment I had sitting in the library reading the book.

It was dry. No, it was a scholarly work, technical, reasoned, it was, in a word, humorless.

And it struck me. That’s funny! Even today 30+ years later the image flits back to my brain and I chuckle. I laughed out loud in the library.

I’m sure there is a deeper meaning here, but you’ll have to work it out. It just makes me laugh.

And I enjoy that.

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