Work in Heaven

It occurred to me the other day that there will quite likely be work in Heaven.

This may be a great disappointment to some, so I should elaborate.

Our God, the Creator God (and there can be only one), has that attribute of creativity and the power to make it so.  There is an effort to make something, and to make it good (See Genesis 1), there is also great satisfaction in it. If you are reading this obscure blog you are probably a blogger yourself and appreciate both the work and satisfaction of writing.

Any job, from low (pick the one you find most demeaning – priest, ditch digger, politician, lawyer, your own) to high (pick the one you find most inspiring – priest, ditch digger, politician, lawyer, your own) has the potential to satisfy as the result of work, the creative process.

It occurs to me that this is a Good Thing (once again I refer you to Genesis 1) and is therfore part of the quality of life in Heaven.

If you find this idea disconcerting then please read John 14:2 (…many mansions…) and take heart.

P.S. If you are a writer with time on your hands (and why else would you be here?) I highly recommend The Mind of The Maker by Dorothy L. Sayers. Her insight into the Trinity and the Word of God is inspired ( <– carefully chosen word).

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